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Aims and Objectives

Our aims are clear & simple:

  • No male, no matter how he identifies, should ever be housed in a women’s prison.

  • When a male is arrested, commits a crime or is imprisoned, he should be always be recorded as male & never as female.

Please take a look around, have a read and find out what you can do to help keep prisons single sex.



Are males really held in women’s prisons?

Yes. Males are held in women’s prisons throughout the UK....

How many males are held in women’s prisons?

One would think that the known risks when males are held in women's prisons would mean that this piece of information would be easy to find out.... 

Can a male really become a woman?


The clear answer to this is no, he cannot.  No matter how he presents himself, what he wears, what he believes about himself, or what changes he makes to his body through surgery or medical treatment, a male remains a male...