Early in 2021 the Maine legislature introduced an amendment to law which provides for self-id for gender identity in correctional facilities. It was misleadingly named, An Act to Protect the Rights of Certain Incarcerated Individuals.

We tweeted about it at the time:

Maine tweet.JPG

The bill was sponsored by the Chair of the Maine House Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety and co-sponsored by several others including the Speaker of the House. In mid-May the Committee convened a hearing with little fanfare. A concerned Maine citizen became aware of the Committee's scheduled vote and the morning of the vote we were alerted and able to submit this statement which was entered into the record for consideration by the full state legislature.


A statement was also submitted from our partner in Canada.

You can view all submittals here: LD 1044, HP 772, Text and Status, 130th Legislature, First Special Session (


The Committee voted unanimously to recommend passage of the amendment by the full state legislature. When we have word of the scheduling of that vote, we will update.


This was subsequently reported by Law Enforcement Today, who referred to our work:


Earlier this Spring we submitted a FOIA request to Maine's Department of Corrections in regard to the current housing situation for any incarcerated individuals claiming a gender identity differing from their biological sex. We await results and will post when available.