Women Picket Prisons Protest at Washington State Correctional Department


A Women Picket Prisons event took place in Tumwater, Washington State outside the Washington State Correctional Department on Monday March 22, 2021.


The event followed a report that shortly after a male prisoner was transferred to the Washington Corrections Center for Women based on his ‘gender identity,' he allegedly raped a female inmate.  At least two other male prisoners are housed in this same women's prison, but, based on a news report, it is anticipated that many more either already are or will be transferred there shortly. 

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Approximately a dozen women and their allies came out to show support for the incarcerated women at WCCW and for incarcerated women and girls throughout the United States.  While the current policy of prisons in Washington State is based on that state's laws, with Biden's Executive Order 13988 and were the "Equality Act" to pass the Senate, policies of self-declared gender identity will trump biological sex in the housing of prisoners throughout the U.S.  


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